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Chyngton Methodist Church

Sadly the 1st Seaford boys Brigade is not meeting at the moment (all sections) due to lack of numbers.

Calling all ex Boys & officers, if you can offer any support in getting the Company going again please contact us via Email

it is hoped that the Anchor boy section will be re lauched first and as membership grows junior / company sections will follow.

Email us via the front page.



 please visit the main Boys-Brigade Website fo futher information      


Founder of the Boys Brigade Sir William Alexander Smith.

 1st Seaford is part of the East Sussex Battallion, other companies are:

1st Crowborough   United Crowborough
3rd Eastbourne   Victoria Baptist Church
4th Eastbourne   Greenfield Methodist Church
3rd Hastings   Park Road Methodist Church
7th Hastings   Halton Baptist Church
8th Hastings   St Helenes Methodist
1st Seaford   Chyngton Methodist Church


 Note the old Battalion name South East Sussex! 



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