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     We meet for worship every Sunday at 10.30am

    All are Welcome

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    We are a church at the heart of our local community in Chyngton and with the community at our heart. We believe that the Church’s mission is to live in the way of Jesus Christ, to proclaim him as Lord of all and to bring his hope and his love into the world today by what we do in his name.

    We are a caring church, with an eclectic worship style and a warm welcome for worshippers old and new. We hope that you might be able to join us for worship and to enjoy our fellowship so that together, through the guidance of God the father, in the power of the Holy Spirit and with the love of Jesus Christ, we can build God’s kingdom of Justice and peace for all.


     Hope you like our website we look forward to meeting you!

    Rev. Irena Byron.



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    Prayer of the Day
    A daily prayer from the Methodist Prayer Handbook

    Friday, 05 Jun 2020

    God the Father, eternally mysterious, we worship you. God the Son, eternally giving, we bless you. God the Holy Spirit, eternally witnessing, we adore you. Holy and glorious Trinity, three persons and one God, we magnify you, now and for ever. Amen.

    Nestorian liturgy, 5th century

    Loving God,
    you show yourself to us in so many different ways:
    in times of joy and of sorrow,
    in experiences of beauty and of challenge,
    in periods of rest and of activity.
    In whatever state we find ourselves in,
    help us to be open to experience your presence as good news,
    and help us to respond by sharing that good news in word and action,
    that others may know the wonder of your love. Amen.

    Ian Howarth, Birmingham District Chair


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