Methodist Church of Great Britain
Chyngton Methodist Church

The Trinity

The Center panel depitcts God the Father, the beginning and centre of creation, the might and power of him as creator, the expanding force and energy passing into and through time and space , the very nucleus of life, the centre of creation, unknown, unseen, partially revealed through windows and doors opened by God, yet his presence extending into all the objects of his creation. God the Father reigns supreme, sitting on his throne amid the spleandour and mystery of Eternity.

The left hand panel depicts God the Son. God became flesh and dwelt as man with the objects of his creation. the zenith of his creation not only rejected him, but was intent to destroy its maker. the depth of sorrow experienced and the anguish that must rent the heart of God, as the nails were driven into Holy flesh. the enormity of that unthinkable act rises and hangs over all the world. its land and sea, mountains and plains, its deserts and forests, and all who dwell therein.

The right hand panel depicts the Holy Spirit. Vengeance is not the way of God the Father. despite mans sin, God will take unto himself the hearts & minds & soul of man, and that taking will be through love. The chains and fetters of sin that shackle mankind will be broken and purged away by the pentecostal flames and the soul of man will rise to its creator, through the love and presence of God's Holy Spirit.

Designed by the architect - R. Cheeseman, June 11th 1988.

The wall hangings were made by the ladies of the church




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