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    Update 2 November 2020

    Following the Prime Minister’s statement on 31 October, it has been confirmed that new National Restrictions will be brought into effect from 5 November 2020  (subject to a Commons vote on Wednesday) in England.*  
    As part of these new restrictions, places of worship and their ancillary accommodation will have to close or remain closed for congregational worship and all other user groups.

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    Prayer of the Day
    A daily prayer from the Methodist Prayer Handbook

    Friday, 18 Jun 2021

    Come to us, O Christ, as the wind that blows the autumn leaves, as the song that soothes the troubled child, as the melody that lifts the anxious spirit. Fill us with affection for you that is unbounded, desire for you that is unrestrained and a yearning for you that throws caution to the winds, and this for your own love’s sake. Amen.

    Richard Rolle (c.1300-1349)

    Architect of all we know, we stand in amazed silence, for we were not there  when you spoke all that is into being, and the heavens rejoiced.
    Was it in a burst of wonder and glory that everything came forth from nothing?
    With your compasses and levels you drew the edges between life and death and set in motion the ticking hearts of atoms.
    O maker of me, you thought and plants unfurled, creatures teemed into the corners of all the world, more than we can ever name or know.
    And all of this a house for us! Amen.

    Hazel Stagg, local preacher, Banbury Circuit


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