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    Prayer of the Day

    Sunday, 03 Mar 2024

    We are yours, O God, for you have made us and loved us. We are yours, O God, for you have saved us and called us. Being yours, O God, let us eternally rejoice your presence.

    Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

    Gracious God, in Jesus we see your image, in all its wonder and beauty, majesty and splendour. In ourselves and in each other we reflect your image and mirror your glory, like an image in a reflecting pool.
    But too often we distort your image in us. We do not see you in the wonder of the people all around us or your creation. We are blinded to the treasure within us and about us. When we do not see your glory or do not celebrate the treasure of your generous love in the wonder of our neighbours and the delight of your creation, have mercy we pray.
    And help us to see.
    Help us to mirror your glory.
    Help us to treasure the gifts and graces you lavish on us and on all creation.
    Help us to see you in refugees, migrants and displaced people, as we see you when we look in the mirror, or in the still, calm waters.
    And help us to be thankful. Amen.

    David Hinchliffe, District Chair, South East District


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