Chyngton Methodist Church

Mission Statement

We are followers of Jesus Christ, and we seek to be a believing, worshipping, caring congregation having a commitment to mission and demonstrating His love in all we do.


It is our desire and intent to offer relevant instruction, teaching and training which is grounded in the Bible, for all ages so that we are led to a strengthening of our personal faith in Jesus Christ, and are helped to live for Christ thankfully and obediently in all areas of life.


It is our desire to acknowledge and worship our creator in all of life. In our Sunday services we come together as the family of God to celebrate His love, power and blessings and hear His word. We will also take time for individual and family devotions so that all we do is Christ centred.


It is our desire that we care for each other in the congregation, as well as extending our care to those in the wider community, recognising that the whole world is part of God's family.


The Church serves the community of Seaford and the surrounding area, and our mission is "to be an inclusive Christian community; a sign of God's presence, sharing God's love, pursuing justice, peace and a new vision of hope for all people, encouraging them to be followers of our Saviour Jesus Christ."

To enable us to realise our vision statement it is our desire and intent that we should seek out at all times, opportunities to actively present Jesus Christ both within the church and in the community encouraging others to become followers of Him

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